Friday, March 2, 2012

Living Room | Redecoration Journey Begins

After much looking, planning, and waiting, I am finally the new owner of my most favorite "reading/accent" chair -- the ARIEL (doesn't it look like a seashell to you?).  And, since my chair was finally in my living room, I couldn't help but begin to start the redecorating process for our entire living room.  

My first start -- hanging my Vintage Crush frames as a collage-type picture wall.  (Overlook the blank frames...they bother Katie, too...but I'm trying to decide WHICH pictures I want to print for each frame.)  Since my living room is also the place where most of my in-home studio sessions and/or appointments, I thought it was also the perfect place to share different ways to decorate your home with the photographs I take!  I'm not finished with this wall, so you'll see it again hopefully in the near future, as a completed wall...but it's started...and that's good enough for me!

Just in case you wanted to see's a better view of my new favorite chair :-)  I'm still looking for the perfect side table to go with it.  But doesn't my awesome Alexa's Closet bucket work perfectly beside the chair?!  It's our "book" holder (until I use it for newborn/infant photography sessions).  

My living room color inspiration... L.O.V.E!

And, the start of the wall decor above our couch -- my recent painting + plus my fun new distressed wooden frame.  I loved these birds when I found them...and my painting reminded me of I put them together (but I'm still trying to decide if that's where the birds will live).  Either way, there is still a LOT of wall space here...any ideas?  I'm still working on this area...  But I was thrilled to find these awesome throw pillow finds on clearance at Ross recently...the PERFECT shade of orange...and I have one more the perfect shade of turquoise (that sits in our rocker/recliner). 

And a small, but fun addition to a living room table are these old camera replicas -- found and purchased for $1.07 total!  Can't beat that price...especially for a photography lover's decor :-)

I still have lots of work to do...but here's our start of our redecoration journey!  I can't wait to show you more as I get more completed!