Monday, March 19, 2012

Monster Jam!

After hearing that the Monster Jam (including GRAVE DIGGER) was coming to Huntsville, Mark and I decided we had to surprise the kids with tickets! We did great keeping it a secret from them, which was lots of fun for us :-) 

The afternoon before Monster Jam, a few of the monster trucks (and their drivers) were set up on display at local Advance Auto stores. So, I surprised the kids with a trip to see "Full Boar" up close and personal. The kids were amazed! They had a great time seeing the truck up close, and even got a signed autograph picture! Of course, after that, we had to tell them what was yet to come the following night...and of course, they were from that point on, "Full Boar" fans!

And, you know they were THRILLED when we finally made it to the actual show!  Here are a few snapshots from it...sorry for the quality!  I wasn't sure that my camera would be allowed (being "professional" and all), so we just took Katie's point and shoot.  BOY!  Did I miss having my camera, but we still caught a few to share...

If I didn't know better, I'd say that Austin looked bored, but he was practically in a daze every time the action started...then came the cheers, yelling, and talking 90 miles an hour (even though we couldn't hear a word he said!)

The Predator...Katie's favorite (since the pink one didn't come LOL)


Austin finally talked/begged his daddy enough to splurge on Grave Digger cotton candy...which they both loved ;-) And, seeing that it was a VERY late night for them, was probably a necessary amount of sugar to survive without breakdowns :-)

And, of course, Grave Digger blew the others away!  The kids were a little bummed that the Ninja Turtle truck had to stop due to tire troubles...I think Full Boar even had transmission trouble toward the end. 

We had a blast...especially seeing Austin's excitement!!  This was fun for all of us...but it was pure joy for him! :-) He's definitely 100% boy...100% country...