Monday, April 23, 2012

Night at the Rodeo

So...I'm almost a month behind on posting ANYTHING here! That should tell you that life's been a little say the least.  But, family, homeschooling, and business has to take precedence over a hard as that is to write ;-)

The kids had a GREAT time last month at the Morgan County Sheriff's Rodeo.  We arrived just in time for the kids to join in on some sort of cowboy/girl treasure hunt in the hay.  They didn't know what they were about to get to do (neither did we), but they ran when they saw they were going to get a chance in the arena!  And they all (their cousin Sydney included) with goodies and treats!

Austin made me laugh with his complete cowboy attire -- he had to bring his cap gun and it's match his black cowboy hat and boots.  Gotta love him.

He even had the cowboy stance (I guess that's what this is) -- he stood like this much of the time...hand on his hip near his holster, and I couldn't help but laugh a little ;-)

Most of all, the kids loved it when we allowed them to stand near the arena to watch close-up.  And, I loved it too -- so this mom didn't have to worry about my wiggle worms falling through the bleachers!  It was also fun to see their expressions as they watched the action close-up.

Gotta love my little cowgirl and cowboy!