Wednesday, May 23, 2012

10 Reasons I’m Excited About Summer Break

I'm so excited about Summer Break...even more so than the kids, it would seem {though I'm sure that will change as they learn what summer break actually means!}

1. Time to catch up {or so I hope}.  Life has kept me in a perpetual state of back-logged to-do lists!  Between finishing up kindergarten with Katie, keeping Austin occupied, running my business, washing clothes seemingly every day, running back and forth from gym to gymnastics to art to church, etc., and a million other things that I will spare you from, I just can't seem to "catch up"...and that bothers me!  I'm not looking for a perfect house, etc., but it would be nice not to worry about what I've forgotten to do at least for a couple of months.  Homeschooling is our first priority, so with summer break upon us, I'm hoping that extra time will be just what I need.

2. Time to plan.  This year was my "test" of sorts with homeschooling/record-keeping/etc.  I wasn't "required" to keep up with it all, but wanted see how "ready" I was for this upcoming year.  I didn't fail...but in my eyes, I have much to improve on.  We need a better, and more organized PLAN for this upcoming school year...Katie's 1st grade schedule, Austin's Pre-K work, and two different Hands on Science co-op lessons for each Friday.  I have a couple of months to prepare and not feel like I've waited until the last minute to do so (I hate that feeling!)

3. Time to play with my hubby & kids.  I guess this is self-explanatory, but I am looking forward to nice weekends to do nothing or do everything...whatever we choose!  I'm looking forward to vacations, and the home-cations, as well!  Just fun time without worrying about getting that schoolwork done :-)  See, I told you I'm worse than a kid with summer break (especially since Katie's sad that school is over).

4. Time for me at the gym. I joined the new Bender's Elite in January (with the kids, since they have such a great childcare program), and I love it!  But it's been hard to fit in my favorite gym classes during the school year due to the kids art/gymnastics/etc.  I'm looking forward to 3 months of my choice of gym time...starting next week! 

5. Flip Flops and water!  If you know me at all you know that flip flops are the only option in the summer!  And, hey! It even gives me less clothes to wash/fold -- no socks, remember?!  And, though I'm not so fond of the bathing suit idea yet, I'm excited for it to be hot enough to actually enjoy cold water...especially with Granny and Papa's pool nearby :-)

6. DISNEY WORLD!  Okay, so we aren't going to Disney until mid-September, but we're getting down to the single digits next month, which means we have to get super serious about our planning!  This is the kids' first Disney experience (and who knows when we'll get to go back), so we want to do all we can to make it perfect for them.  Yes, I'm more excited than the kids to go...but only because they have no clue what Disney really is!

7. Fun learning. I’m hoping to add in some fun experiments, activities, and even field trips to keep those brains working over the summer break...but mostly worksheet FREE.  :-)

8. Birthdays. Austin, Mark, and I (plus a lot of our extended family) celebrate birthdays during our summer break. I'm turning the big 3-0 this year (as is Mark) **gasp**, my baby is turning 4 (and is definitely not a baby anymore), and Katie will be 6 soon after school begins this fall!

9.  TRIPS!  Have I mentioned that we have a busy summer?  We're heading to Mobile for Memorial Day...then VBS for the kids in first CHEF Conference and Mark gets to join me (yah!!)...then off to the BEACH for the last week of June...girls getaway trip with Mom and my sisters in early July...and our ladies' Enrichment Retreat at church at the end of July.  Then an "easy" August before I head to a photography mentoring class in September, and then DISNEY BOUND (of course, I had to mention it again...I'm excited, remember?!)

10.  Seeing Nana, Pawpaw, and FRIENDS!  I know there's something I'm forgetting that I love about summer to make it an even "10", but for the life of me, I can't think of I'm letting the kids add their favorite, and I second it! :-)  We're all excited about getting to see all of our Mobile friends and family throughout the summer!! 

Our summer break is going to be over before we know it!  We’re taking off this Thursday through Labor Day, or so that's my plan so far. Then, we’re going to hit the ground running (so-to-speak) with school! I’m excited about our plans and plans in the making! What are you looking forward to about summer break?