Monday, May 7, 2012

Bream Fishing with Papa R

We had a great time bream fishing with Papa R over the weekend.  We were all up wayyy earlier than we would normally choose to be on a Saturday morning, but it was worth every second of lost sleep seeing the kids and their Papa.  He was surrounded by all of his great-grands -- from Katie down to little Lakyn.  Katie wasn't as into fishing as normal, but still enjoyed herself.  Austin absolutely loved getting (and breaking apart -- YUCK) the earthworms we were using as bait, and he loved even more being able to hold the fish and throw them back into the water.  (Fish beware -- Austin likes to chunk you directly into a rock when he throws you back in -- we probably have several fish suffering from slight concussions!)  He's definitely all boy!  But, don't let Katie fool you...even she held a fish before throwing it into the water.

Thanks, Papa, for planning such a fun morning of fishing!  We had a great time!!