Monday, May 21, 2012

Not Me! Monday | Gymanastics Style

My kids did not complete their gymnastics evaluation last week with flying colors!  They came home with red and blue (excelled in each part of a section) ribbons to show all that they'd learned since January.   I didn't realize that they had evaluations...nor did I realize that I would be able to freely watch (and take pictures), all you get is my words.  Sorry!!  I'll be better prepared next time! 

After watching, I could not suffice to say that Katie is very strong in her legs and loves height!  She was the one who, instead of running for the lowest beam option to do her evaluation, ran without hesitation to the highest beam, and did a perfect dismount!  She's also getting more comfortable with all of her bar flips, which is a HUGE improvement from starting in January.  Her blue ribbons came in the vault section and the trampoline section.  Like I said...all legs!

Austin, is not very much opposite of Katie.  His strength is in his arms and core muscles most of all.  As said by his teacher, he has a crazy amount of strength for his size -- looks are definitely deceiving with him.  He came home with 4 out of 6 blue ribbons (the two needing work were trampoline and vault, ironically Katie's best ones!).  I absolutely love watching him on the rings and bars!  He can so easily bring his steady/straight legs held together from a vertical hanging position into an L shape with no problem.  Talk about getting rock solid abs!  I wish I could do that :-)

I am not so incredibly proud of their achievements in gymnastics since January.  They've both worked hard and have loved every bit of it!  It's great seeing them active, improving, and enjoying something that is so good for them physically, as well as mentally! Way to go, Katie & Austin!  Looking forward to seeing even more changes and improvements over the next 6 months :-)