Saturday, September 1, 2012

Austin turns 4!!

This year, we decided not to have a "big" birthday party like we have in the past.  We decided we would just do a small family get together with cake and ice cream, and just enjoy being together to celebrate Austin's "4th" birthday.  

After working out the dates, etc., with Dad, he decided to surprise Austin with some "bouncy" fun for his birthday in lieu of a gift, and I must was VERY MUCH enjoyed by ALL!  {ALMOST as enjoyable as playing with Pawpaw Tim's sweet little kittens.}  Here are a few pictures from the jumping fun on a hot August afternoon!

Austin had a great birthday!  He even got his first "real" gun -- he said he was going to go hunting deer with Pawpaw Greg :-)  Happy birthday, Austin!  We love you!!