Sunday, September 23, 2012

Disney World | Arrival Day!!

After what seems like a FOREVER long countdown starting around 180 days prior to our trip, our Disney World trip finally arrived!  We rented a nice SUV that was large enough for our family to ride along with Nana and Pawpaw (and all of our luggage), and headed towards Florida!  We did stop about halfway to Disney World to sleep for the night, and arrived at Pop Century Resort, Disney World on Sunday afternoon.

We knew we would be limited on time and energy our first day, so we took time to check our Pop Century, and then we headed to Downtown Disney for a nice dinner at Donald's Puck Express Restaurant and a little Downtown Disney fun!

Here's Katie with Nana 
on her first bus ride in Disney World...
she isn't excited at all, is she?!

Katie mastered "bubble-blowing" 
on her way to Disney World!

They both loved seeing the Pirates
in Downtown Disney!

Austin's favorite in Downtown Disney 
was the Lego area.  He would have stayed
here building new creations all night!

Mark and I stopped for a quick
snapshot (to prove we really DID go
to Disney World, despite our lack of
picture appearances) *grins*

We knew we also had to find the 
"live statues" in D.D.!  It was amazing 
to see how statue-like they were
and how started people were when
the "statues" started moving!
Austin wouldn't take his eyes
off of this statue lady :-)

And, of course, Mark and the kids had to get 
pictures with the Harley! ;-)

Our arrival day was short, but none of us complained about going to bed...we knew that tomorrow morning, bright and early, we would get to see MICKEY!!  :-)