Monday, September 24, 2012

Disney World | Day 1 | Magic Kingdom

Against everyone's suggestions, we chose to start off at the Magic Kingdom (Hey! We've gotta take advantage of those Magic Hour days :-) hehe)  I think I was even more excited than the kids!!  I couldn't wait to see their expressions when they got their first taste of DISNEY!  

Here's Austin waiting IN his stroller
in our room...I think he was ready to go!

Nana on the Main Street :-)

Getting "organized" before getting 
started in Magic Kingdom.  Yep, I had 
my camera...but it was VERY lightly used!
Most of our pictures ended up being "snapshot" 
style with Mark's camera!  :-)

A little fun on the Carousel!

Can't forget the Dumbo ride!  

This isn't the best quality picture, but I had to share it!  
Austin begged to go shoot the aliens and
defeat Zurg!  Here's his "I defeated Zurg" picture :-)

After spending most of the day in Magic Kingdom, we we back to the resort for a short naptime.  Then we got dressed and ready for our first reservation dinner with the Princesses at Akershus Banquet Hall.  Katie wanted to dress as a Princess for dinner, so she is "Merida".

Belle was Austin's favorite...and really the ONLY
Princess he would take a picture with!  

Katie and Cinderella

Katie and Aurora

Austin stayed focused on eating the whole time for the Princesses :-)

Katie and Snow White

Princess Ariel spent a while at our table...
trying to get Austin to talk to her :-)  He didn't say
much, but he did think it was funny when
she asked him if she could ride a bike with her fins!

After dinner in Epcot, we went back to Magic Kingdom for the late extra magic hours (9-midnight), and enjoyed the "less" crowded park!  The castle was beautifully lit at night, and changed colors constantly!

 A quick family picture with the castle!

Riding the Magic Carpets in Aggraba (is that how you spell it?!)

We had a great first day at Disney World!  We didn't see NEAR all of Magic Kingdom or Epcot, but we'll have time to go back to both later in the week, thanks to our Hopper Passes (SO worth the money!!)