Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Disney World | Day 2 | Animal Kingdom

We began our second day bright and early -- enjoying the extra early magic hour for Animal Kingdom!  We had breakfast reservations at The Tusker House, but had almost 45 minutes before our reservation, so we headed immediately to the Kilamanjaro Safari Ride!  The animals were all out and about early this morning :-)

Katie about to get on the jeep for the Safari :-)


Our jeep :-)  Fun times!

Don't ask me what this is...
I'd say a cow with horns :-)

The Savannah area -- Giraffes

Temite mound (on steroids)


The giraffe that almost made us late
for our breakfast reservation because
he wanted to eat his breakfast in the
middle of the road!



When we finished with the safari ride (later than anticipated), we sprinted to The Tusker House for breakfast, where we were met by Donald!  The kids both loved giving him hugs :-)

The kids with Goofy

Our super cool Tusker House waiter -- 
he made our breakfast so much fun, and made 
this meal the best one of the week!
 Mickey and the gang (less Austin --
he was too busy eating to take a picture).

Since Austin wouldn't stop eating
to take a picture, we took his :-)

After breakfast, we let the kids get their faces painted -- this was on their "wish list" -- and we had been told that Animal Kingdom did the best face paintings, hands down!  I would have to say, they did amazing!  The kids were so thrilled!!  After they finished, Austin asked us almost every 5 minutes or so to find a mirror, so he could check on his pirate face :-)

Another great day in Disney World!  We all loved Animal Kingdom, and were excited to see the next park after a few much needed hours of rest :-)