Saturday, November 17, 2012

Katie's 1st Ballet Recital

Katie chose to take a beginner ballet class at her homeschool co-op this year (Master's Hand Christian School).  They have only had a few 45 minute classes before the fall semester ended, so I was interested to see how much they had learned.  Katie has shown me a few stretches and warm ups from ballet on occasion, but that's it!

I was so proud of my Katie-bug (and all of the other girls!)  This was her first recital (of any kind), but they all got up there without hesitation, and did fantastic!  They were missing 4 of their girls, but even the last minute changes didn't change their sweet smiles and excitement.

Here's their fall recital (they will have their final recital in May).  Katie is in the front/center wearing sleeveless blue and a precious smile <3 p="p">