Saturday, November 10, 2012

Katie's "6th" Birthday Celebration

I cannot believe that my sweet baby girl just turned 6!!  This year, instead of having a "normal" birthday party with all of the family and friends, etc., we chose to let Katie invite a few of her closest girlfriends over to the house for a girly make-over type party.  Katie loved the idea, and immediately began planning all of the details herself!  

It was a lot of fun!  But I must say, it was a LOT of work.  I am so thankful for a sweet friend of mine who volunteered to help me.  I couldn't have managed it without her!  But, needless to say, these are the only pictures...the rest will have to be narrated :-)

Katie wanted to start her party with pizza and a movie -- Barbie's "The Diamond Castle" (one of her favorites that she hadn't seen in a long time)!  

She then wanted her own "Zenberi" bar, instead of the traditional cake and ice cream. So, we picked out lots of fun yogurt flavors, candies, cookie crumbs, caramel, fresh fruit (kiwi was a specific Katie request), and chocolate syrup, of course, and let the girls make their very own yogurt recipe!  This was a great hit with all of the girls!

And, since I couldn't put a candle in the yogurt, I held one for her as we sang "Happy Birthday".  :-)

Next, we were on to our make-over time!  We rotated the girls around with three stations -- a nice foot soak in Orbeez, fingernail and toenail painting and design, and of course, eyes/cheeks/lips makeup!  Although I could have used a FEW more hands doing this, it was lots of fun!  The girls were all beautiful princesses :-)

After we finished all of the makeovers, it was time to open presents and finish up the party time before the parents arrived to pick up the girls.

After the party, we allowed Katie to invite one of her girlfriends to spend the night (that's a first for us)!  She had a great time.  Mommy isn't so sure she's ready for many sleepovers, but it was for a good cause.  :-)

Happy "6th" Birthday, Katie bug!!  We love you :-)