Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ready or not...2013, here we come!

So...it's officially January 1, 2013!  If I had to sum up 2013 in a word, I think Mark and I would agree on the word "BLUR".  It wasn't a bad year at all...but it was a crazy, fast-paced BLUR events.  So we would also certainly agree that it shouldn't be January 2013 already!  But, alas, it is...

The holiday break has come and gone.  We had wonderful days sleeping in later than normal, visiting with family and friends (both here and in Mobile), celebrating the birth of our Lord with worship, festivities, gifts, and fun, an {almost} work-free break that we all needed, and lots of extra "family" time, which we all needed.

And, with the 1st of January also comes the time of resolutions for the new year.  So, here are a few of mine...

  1. To be more consistent with my Bible reading.  I hope to be able to read through the Bible completely this year...but even if I fail there, most importantly, I just want to be more consistent!
  2. To do a better job of keeping my priorities straight -- I wear lots of "hats" being a stay at home mom, homeschooling 2 elementary aged children, owning her own business, etc. -- but despite my "hats", I can't let my busyness hinder my family.  My kids need me more right now at their ages than ever -- they are my most important job given to me by God.
  3. To take more pictures for my family!  That sounds silly considering that I'm a professional photographer, but this last year is proof that I stayed so busy with work that I failed to take those pictures of my family that I cherish most.  
  4. To be a little less of a perfectionist and not stress so much over the little things -- laugh, enjoy, and learn from them!  I consider my kids therapy in this area ;-)
  5. To blog at least once a week instead of my usual once a month.  It's so hard for me to make the time to do this in life's busyness, but I know that I will want to look back on these days and recall things that we did as a family, and funny moments from the kids, etc.  If I don't "write" it down, I can almost guarantee that it will be all too soon forgotten.  

So...have you made resolutions for this year?  What goals are most important to you this year?  I could have made a list a mile long, but I knew I'd never be able to do them all.  These are what I consider my biggest goals for the year :-)  Ready or not, 2013 here we come!