Saturday, February 16, 2013


I'm sure most know, but after a while of saying "NO!" to cats, Mark and I (well, Mark, because I was already okay with the idea), chose to let the kiddos have kittens (as long as they were outside...or in our case, garage...dwellers). Well, Katie has been begging me to help her get pictures of Midnight, so she could paint him for an upcoming art, yesterday, we had a little camera fun with the cats. Okay, I had fun...Katie was frustrated that I was taking pictures of the cats being silly because she wanted Midnight posed for pictures LOLOL (I still have to teach this photographer that poses aren't always necessary). But, at any are a few of our favorites. **Sorry, Nana! I said I'd have these up last night for you, but I didn't...**

Introducing...BONES (Austin's kitten...quickly becoming cat)
{Just in case you're wondering...Bones got his name because his stripes made Austin think of skeleton bones...we shortened it to Bones.}

I think Bones begs better than Meeko ;-)

Look at that air jump!

And here's Midnight (Katie's kitten...quickly becoming cat)...obviously called Midnight due to his *mostly* black colorings.  As he's growing, more browns and reds are starting to show through.
After this jump, I definitely believe cats always land on their feet!

Katie says this is Midnight trying to do ballet, like she does!

This was as close as we could get to Katie's "specific" pose LOL

And, my personal favorite...but you know I love close-ups! ;-)