Friday, July 10, 2015

Everyday Moments | July 10, 2015

Life so quickly and easily gets out of control...busy...trying to live for the next appointment/ stage/ age/ trip {or insert your own word here}.  In our LIFE Groups on Sunday mornings at Somerville Baptist Church, we are going through a study called "Simplify", and it has touched on just this thing...enjoying each moment while you have it.  Not being so busy or with such wrong priorities that you miss out on the blessings God has given you RIGHT NOW.  So, here are a few "everyday moments" from today, as I recount, remember, and realize all that God has given me and done for me in my blessed life!

Outside my window...

I am thinking...of what I'm going to fix for dinner {you know I'm not organized enough these days to have it all planned out, right?!}

I am thankful for...FRIDAYS -- the official "start" of a {mostly} uninterrupted, non-work time with Mark and the kids...together!

From the kids' rooms...I see Katie and Austin working diligently together to design their newest Lego fortress creation {they are planning to enter a Lego competition with this new fortress.}

From the kitchen...Addison is pulling at my ankles wanting "up" as I try to finish preparing breakfast before our swim day at Granny's.  

I am take the kids to Granny's to enjoy a little fun in the sun {and pool}, since we are only a month away from school resuming.

I am reading...nothing currently, but I have one en-route called "I'm Happy for You (Sort of...Not Really)" by Kay Wills Wyma, and I can't wait to read it and tell you about it soon! 

I am get that "Body Pump" class completed for this week {since I should have already completed one class this week already}.  Gotta start somewhere, right?!

I am hearing..."Mamamamamaaaaaaa" following me everywhere I go {{grins}}

Around the house...things are looking more and more like a playroom, in every room, thanks to Addison's new toys, her ability to leave toys in random places, and {maybe} due to the fact that we still haven't moved her into a true "room" yet.  But, I'm learning {or should I say, relearning} to overlook those toys and enjoy these moments while I have them.  How boring would my house look if it always appeared like it came from a BH&G magazine?!

One of my favorite getting to end a nice {and often crazy} day with some {most-of-the-time} uninterrupted talk or down time with my hubby.  It's easy to get over-tired as a stay-at-home mom, giving all you have all day, leaving nothing for your husband as evening comes...I know from experience...but I've learned that no matter how hard it is each day, it is critical for you to save some of your sanity, your energy, and your love for your husband every day.  He needs it, and so do you!

A few plans for the week...are going to the Chick-Fil-A cow appreciation {aka dress like a cow for free food day}, gearing up for the kids' first trip to Six Flags {earned by reading}, and then packing the older kiddos for some much wanted time with their Nana and Pawpaw before school begins.

Here is a picture I'm sharing...Addison has found that she has a new love for cookies!