Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hiatus Ends...Blogging Restarts

So, if you have {in the past} followed my blog AT ALL, you know that I took an {unofficial} hiatus from blogging.  Life, the original reason for the creation of my blog, happened...priorities were reshuffled...and blogging was found to be something that I had to let go for a spell.  But, again, life has happened, other jobs {once priorities} have ended, new beginnings have arrived, and I'm full circle back to where I started...blogging.  

We have added a new family member {a year ago today}, my Addi Claire.  I have {at least, for now} closed my photography business to help better focus on my family, who are a much greater priority in my life.  We've ended our homeschool journey as of May 2015 and are looking forward to our new journey with Cornerstone Christian School as of August 2015.  And, who knows where our next turn will take us?!  All I know is that I am determined to enjoy each step that takes me to those turns, because this life is too quickly fleeting for me to rush it to the next "big thing".

So, why blogging again?  Well, for one, my distant family and friends would appreciate better updates of the kids.  For two, Facebook, though I love it's convenience, makes it horribly difficult to "relook" at past things that I'd like to remember {unless you use TimeHop, which is fun, except you only get to see one day at a don't choose}.  For three, I need a creative outlet.  For four, I miss it!  For five, well, it's more about {need} my blog for laughter, encouragement, challenges, and even product/book reviews.  I did hear you say that, didn't I?

Look for it...I'll be posting soon with pictures and things to catch you up to today, and then we'll move on from there with LIFE.  We'll just pretend that those last 2 years were here all along, right?  I mean, I look over a messy, lived in house, most daily {don't you?}...surely 2 years is just a second thought in life's time standard.