Friday, July 24, 2015

I'm Happy for You {Sort Of...Not Really} | Book Review

I ran across this book recently through a blogger book review program that I am a part of, and at first glance of the book cover, I was intrigued enough to choose the book.  The cover is cute and catchy, humorous but also totally relevant in today's world.  Yes, I know I should never "judge a book by it's cover", but this cover only magnified the truths found within the pages.  Living in our technologically-advanced world, it is harder and harder to maintain true joy, because comparison, found in every aspect of life {even the many social media areas} works so hard at stealing it away on a moment by moment basis.  

This book is written from a mom's perspective,  almost in a "talk between friends" sort of way.  It is more informal in it's approach, and is full of her own personal stories and experiences from her journey to learn to leave comparison to find contentment, the way God intended.  The chapters are a bit lengthy for a subject that requires more thinking and application {I often stopped at a section break within each chapter, so I had time to mull over things I had read}.  But, though full of "meaty" challenges/encouragement, it was still written as an easy read -- and very easy for any Mom to totally relate to!

One of the things that stuck with me was her challenge to "Reboot" {Ctrl-Alt-Del}:
1) Ctrl:  Control the Thought Process by Pausing to Recognize the Problem
2) Alt:  Consider an Alternative Perspective
3) Del:  Eliminate Comparison -- or at Least Tone It Down

Over and again, I found myself thinking, "Wow!  It's not just me!!  I'm not alone in this."  The struggle is real, folks...comparison is over and over again robbing us of our joy, given to us by our Maker, and we let it...daily, hourly even.  We need to {and I'm totally speaking to myself} learn to {cue the music} Let It GO and trust that God has our best interests at heart, even when life may not seem that God IS fair--and fair does NOT always mean equal. What a simple, but such an often overlooked concept!  

The final thing that most "stuck" with me was her analogy about a painting -- we all have what we "pictured" our canvas of life looking like, and it's not bad to have goals and dreams as long as we "hold them loosely" and let God, OUR PAINTER OF OUR LIVES, decide what strokes, colors, and techniques to use to make our canvas.  Am I willing to give God a "blank canvas" to allow Him to paint it? 

I highly recommend this book to any Mom/Woman.  Though there are many principles addressed in the book that would be totally relevant to men, as well, I don't feel that they would benefit from her openness the same way another Mom/Woman would.  This is a must read in today's comparison-heavy, contentment-lacking society!

Disclosure of Material Comnection: I received this book free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group as part of their book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements."