Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What We Do For FREE Food

Today is our annual family tradition at Chick-Fil-A's Cow Appreciation Day -- dress like a cow, get free food!

For a stay-at-home mom of three on a one-income budget, these days are not only exciting to the kids, but a much wanted free "eating out" meal for Mom!  It isn't often that you can swing a full meal that pleases the entire family, regularly costing about $20, for FREE!

So...yep...we did it. Every one of us were dressed in our homemade Chick-Fil-A cow attire. We all walked proudly into our local CFA, with all gasping and gaping from strangers ignored, and fully enjoyed our fun-filled meal!  

Seriously, why would you NOT participate?!  Years ago, this was hard for me...always worrying about how I looked or what I thought others were thinking about me. But, I've learned, it doesn't matter. It's these fun days that the kids remember the most. So, who cares if I am spotted from head to hoof?  Not me! I want to teach my kids to think for themselves and not be afraid to be different from the rest (after all, as Christians, that's what God has called us to be, right??). What better way to teach this than by everyday example?  

So...anyone interested in seeing our fabulous "cow" attire?!  

Special thanks to Wishes Face Painting for doing such a fabulous job on the kids' faces!!  They love being "test subjects" when it comes to face painting :-)

(She only fussed when I tried to make her wear her ears for a quick picture...she wasn't a fan of that, but she was a HUGE fan of her first kids meal from CFA. She ate it all PLUS her free icecream!  A girl after my own heart.)

Looking forward to continuing this family tradition in another year!!