Monday, August 10, 2015

Additional iProduct Storage without the $$$ | RAVPower 5in1 Product Review

It took years to talk me into making the jump from Android/Windows to Apple for my technology needs...especially when it came to my smart phone.  But, after I did, I enjoyed the many "perks" for being an Apple product user.  One of the biggest perks was how everything synced seamlessly together when I jumped back and forth between my iphone, ipad, and even the kids' ipods.  That's something that I fought with constantly with my Android (I couldn't even keep my google calendars synced together!)

Unfortunately, the one big downfall for Apple is the lack of ability to add additional space when you run out.  I never had to worry about that with my Android...just get a large capacity microSD card, slide it into my droid phone, and I was good to go!  Not so with Apple.  But who knew I'd need so much space?  How knew there really was cause for a more expensive iphone with larger storage?!  Not me!!

So, what's a girl to do?  I haven't had my iphone too long, so a new one wasn't really my idea of a solution.  Delete pictures frequently?  Delete apps that I didn't have to have, in order to take more video or pictures of our family's latest and greatest fun?  Yep...that's exactly what I did...and then I'd want them back so I could post them on social media...and where were they? Sitting at home on my laptop {which, by the way, I seldom EVER use} doing me absolutely NO go!

Until...dadadadaaaaa...this little beauty entered my life!

 I ran across RAVpower 5in1 device on Amazon, while searching for items I wanted to add to my birthday list.  It's list price was $149.99 on Amazon, but was priced at a surprising $39.99.  I don't know about you, but when I see a price drop that drastically, I assume it's probably pretty worthless, or in the very least frustrating to use.  But, after seeing that it would essentially allow me to carry a small {phone sized} device with me that could act as my wireless external harddrive and alternate battery backup {plus more}, I decided to give it a try.  All I can say is, YOU NEED ONE OF THESE!

For $39.99 plus a SD card {which most of us can easily find in an old digital camera we used in the "dark ages" before smart phone cameras were so legit}, I can now push and pull (sorry for the lack of techy language) data/music/videos/pictures to and from my Apple devices wirelessly at any given time and even share them with others wirelessly, so I can keep free space on my devices, while keeping an organized copy of any of my data nearby.  And best of all, it took me 10 minutes to get it configured on my devices {and I didn't even have to call my "tech-support" {aka my husband}.  Swwweeeet!

*I tried this out on my windows laptop (you have to download their software for this to work), my Apple iPad and iPhone (requires an app to manage your files, etc.), but check it probably even works for Android devices.

So, go ahead and add this steal of a deal to your Amazon cart or wish list.  You can thank me later {hehe}