Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Every Day Moments | August 18, 2015

Outside my window...is rain, rain, and more rain.

I am thinking...of my to-do list for the day, and which to prioritize during nap time :-)

I am thankful for...my garage and my umbrella.

From the kids' rooms...it's eerily quiet...being only the second week of school outside of our home, I'm not quite used to it.  

From the kitchen...I see Addison's newest "drawer/cabinet emptying" fun all across the floor.

I am going...to enjoy staying inside on this gloomy summer day.

I am reading...The Aloha Reef Collection by Colleen Coble...a Christian fiction series that I've come to love.

I am hoping...to get all of my kids consignment sale items sorted and tagged today and tomorrow, so I can move it...REmove it...from my bedroom floor.  {that's the absolute worst part of consigning...how it destroys what organization and neatness I had!}

I am hearing...Addison's ocean sound machine through the baby monitor, and Meeko (our dog), snoring. 

Around the house...it's quiet {nap time for little lady} and *most* everything is in it's place (until little lady wakes, as she thinks her job is to make chaos of our house all day every day) hahaha

One of my favorite things...is getting to take extra time in my Bible study while the kids are in school...uninterrupted {or at least, a little less interrupted}.

A few plans for the week...is to get ready to celebrate Austin's 7th birthday!  We're celebrating this weekend, and then I'm bringing treats for his class on Tuesday for his actual birthday...I hope he'll be surprised and excited about that one :-)  You don't get to do those things when you homeschool!

Here is a picture I'm sharing...I'm trying to catch her on video saying "amen", but she doesn't like to perform, so for now, the picture will have to do.