Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lazarus Awakening | Book+DVD Review

I have seen, heard, and even read books/lessons on the lives of Mary and Martha from the Bible.  They are so applicable even in today's world (maybe even more today!)  But through the years, I cannot recount a time that the emphasis of that story was even put on Lazarus.  So, when I saw that Joanna Weaver, the author known best for writing "Having a Martha Heart in a Mary World", had an 8 week Bible study on Lazarus ("Lazarus Awakening"), I was thrilled!!

On the technical aspect of it, it is helpful to know that the Lazarus Awakening DVD/Study Guide is made to accompany the Lazarus Awakening book, but the DVD alone could also work as a short devotional for personal or group use, and the book, a challenging devotional all on it's own.  The DVD segments are relatively short...around 20 minutes...but are challenging and encouraging.  The videos were set in Israel, so it helps to put a place/scene with the story.  There are also special "Isreal segments" as a bonus of the DVD, that let you explore Biblical details in Israel from the comfort of your own home, though they are a bit more like an interview of sorts, instead of a tourguide, which I would have preferred. 

The Study Guide, though it does discuss similar topics, was not made as a DVD companion, but as a book companion.  Each week assigns you a portion of the book to read, a short challenge, memory verse implimentation, discussion questions, a guide to the DVD session, a place for prayer requests, and an assignment for the week.  

On the spiritual side of it, it may be important to note for you that several different Bible translations are used within the Bible study material.  Though I do prefer KJV and NASB personally, I did not find that the use of the other translations took away from the study, as I had my Bible reading along with her. 

The basic jist of this study is something that I think we can all relate to in one way or another -- that Jesus is calling us out of our tomb of regret, doubt, fear, or whatever else may be keeping us from His love.  "The same love that came to Lazarus' rescue that long ago day in Bethanywants to rescue us as well."  And, just as Jesus tarried on hisway to help Lazarus, when your answer from God is "wait", you can know that He loves you unconditionally and has a plan -- we just have to trust! And, PRAISE GOD, "with the Holy Spirit's help, we can leave our tombs behind and walk out into new life, just as Lazarus did.  Unbound and unhindered.  Sanctified and set free.  I enjoyed this Bible study and would recommend any this study material as a great challenge and encouragement in life.

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