Monday, September 14, 2015

Busy + Frugal Mom's {Must-Have} Closet Finds

It's hard being a busy stay-at-home mom, often on the go. I used to find it so difficult to look and feel put together and cute as a mom. 

It seems like SAHMs are often categorized with their love for yoga pants and t-shirts. But, for me, that wardrobe always made my attitude reflect it. If I felt frumpy, I was often tired and grumpy. If I felt put together and cute, I was more confident and happy. 

So, I started trying to find frugal ways to dress modestly but also trendy and cute, with my same one-income clothing budget. And, though this is not an exhaustive list, I found a few must have items that are great for all busy moms out there!  And better yet, I never even have to iron them (because, what busy mom has time for that?!)

Here are my top 6 frugal mom's closet must-haves:

1.  Maxi Skirts
I wear my maxi skirts {yes, I have several} practically every Sunday, and now to my children's school events.  They are modest, functional {even with a little one}, trendy,  and comfortable!  I do try to find maxi skirts that are either solid or very colorful with fun diagonals or patterns, so that I can mix and match shirts and accessories to create entirely *new* looks. 

I recently received a $10 off any purchase of $10 or more from our local JCPenney's.  I used that in their clearance section to find this new favorite maxi skirt for less than $1.00 with tax!  That's my kind of frugal find!!

2.  Blue Jean Jacket

I have two blue jean jackets {one dark and one light with lace accents} that I wear almost daily. These *must haves* not only warm you in a chilly church building, but also change up most any outfit, and makes a dress or shirt a little more forgiving around your "just had a baby {or not} belly" areas or less revealing for those halter style or thinner strap areas.  I wear them as long sleeves or rolled up to 3/4 length.  I wear them with shorts, skirts, dress pants, dresses and casual pants.  And what doesn't match jeans?!  Nothing that I know of :-)  

I found my dark jacket at a consignment store for $5 years ago, but it's made by Old Navy...and my favorite lace-accented jacket came from TJ Maxx's clearance area for $15.  Not as cheap as my free skirt, but I've worn my two jackets for over 7 years now, and they still look brand new!

3.  1-2 Favorite Flattering Pairs of Jeans

I am very picky about my jeans...not due to price or coloring, but fit!  It is so hard for me to find jeans I just *love*, but when I do, I stick with them forever a very long time.  My current favorites are my Silver jeans (hand-me-downs from my little sister) and my Rock and Republic jeans from Kohls' clearance rack (less than $15 with my coupon, but tagged much higher).  Everyone is different, as is their taste in jeans and how they fit.  Take time to try on many different brands and cuts to find what you like best, and then shop around consignment stores, or even online coupon codes, to get the best deal.

4.  Vintage Lace Extender Slip

A dear friend of mine just recently introduced me to this love. She and her mom actually made her several different colors to wear with her favorite skirts/dresses that needed a little extra length for comfort and modesty. However, I have found them on Amazon, as well!  Thigh this isn't in my closet yet (I may have procrastinated a bit), it is high on my list!  I already have a couple of outfits waiting for the extender slip...

5.  Your Favorite Accessories
This is where you get to have fun!  Shop (frugally) for great deals on different colors and styles of handbags, necklaces and earrings, scarves, and shoes!  It's easy to make an entire new look by only adding a different pop of color. I find great deals on accessories by shopping Kohl's clearance sections, as well as occasional shopping in the clearance sections of Belk, Ross and TJ Maxx!  There is also Z's Outlet near the Birmingham area that has all kinds of jewelry (especially the bubble style), for only $1!  Our church ladies group often stops by to shop there after our annual Ladies Retreat in Pensacola. 

6. Splurge Occasionally...
I will be the first to admit that it's hard to pay a high price for anything when you are so used to frugally shopping, but sometimes it is needed and good!  For me, this was my birthday gift 4...maybe even 5...years ago. After looking for a year at Frye riding boots, I found an awesome online deal (half price) on my absolute favorite boots---and they are still my favorite!!  Do I normally pay that much for shoes?  Absolutely not!  Were they a worthwhile investment?  Without a doubt!!

What are YOUR Busy/Frugal Mom Must-Have Finds?!  I'd love to know!!