Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Just Another Reason I Love Amazon Prime...

So, I recently purchased my first pair of Sanuk flip-flops from Amazon Prime. I knew they were a good brand, and normally pricey flip flop (at least for me), so when they showed up on Prime Day for $12, I jumped for it!!

And, though I didn't wear them constantly, I loved them to "dress up" my casual outfits with wedge heels.  That is, until I was walking in Bridgestreet and they broke!!  

(Yep, I walked barefoot after they broke mid-walking...) 

So, what's a disappointed girl to do?!  I first looked up Sanuk's policy on their warranty for defects...they do cover it...but you must show proof of purchase (no big deal...I ordered online, so I have an email)...then you get to pack and pay (tracked and insured) shipping to Sanuk and then wait 1-3 weeks. Wait, what!??!

So, I gave Amazon Prime a chance to see how their return policy would stack up. I sent a quick chat to customer service with my order number and issue. I even offered to send pictures to prove it, but those were not needed. Amazon immediately apologized and said they were sending me a replace my pair of shoes, and that there was no need to return the defective ones. The NEXT DAY, no joke, my replacement shoes were on my front porch waiting to be worn and enjoyed!!  

No out of pocket shipping/ 1-3 weeks wait hassle with proof of purchase...just GREAT, honest customer service. 

Amazon Prime already gets much of my shopping business, but they just earned a lot more!!  Thanks, Amazon Prime, for showing true customer priority service!!!