Monday, October 5, 2015

Movie Monday | Katie & Austin in "Aristocats"

The past weekend was the annual Cornerstone Christian School Fall Festival and of our family's favorites for the fall season!  This year, however, was different for us, as it was the first time our kids were students, and thus, participants in the musical!  They did an awesome job, and are already looking forward to next year's program :-)  I may or may not be hearing their "songs" 24/7 now...even when they are at they are ingrained in my brain!  {haha}

This year's musical included scenes from Disney's The Jungle Book, Aristocats, Lady & The Tramp, and Dumbo.  Austin was "Berlioz" and Katie was one of the "alley cats" in Aristocats.  

I absolutely love seeing the work that goes into this each year...and even more than that, how the students from kindergarten to 12th grade, all work together to make the musical happen!

So, without further adieu, for the family and friends that were here in heart, here's our video of the Aristocats scene (we have the others, too...and I can try to share them at a later time, but it took literally all day to upload these few minutes of videos...)

**I apologize in advance for Addison's occasional outbursts...I did my best to keep her still and quiet, but that proved hard for our sweet 1 year old! :-)

And a special "Thank you!" to Jocelyn Scott with Wishes Face Painting for doing such an amazing job on my two sweet Aristocats!!!  She is crazy-talented and does amazing work (just in case you're ever in need of face paintings).