Wednesday, December 30, 2015

25 Things I Say To My Kids Every.Single.Day.

Even though our daily routine is anything but a routine, I find that I repeat myself daily. Here are the top 25 things I say everyday (often multiple times each day) with our three kids (age 18 mo, 7 yr, and 9 yr):

1.  Just a minute!
2.  You don't NEED another "nack" (AKA snack)...
3.  Stop running in the house.
4.  Did you put your clothes away??
5.  That is not a toy...
6.  Go to the bathroom!!
7.  No, no!
8.  Get the Legos off the floor.
9.  Where's Dad?
10.  Where is my phone?!
11.  I need a peacemaker...
12.  Why did you do that?!
13.  This is your only warning.
14.  That's sweet love!
15.  Share...
16.  That is not yours!
17.  Be careful, please!
18.  I'm coming back!  I just need to go to the bathroom.
19.  You don't need another tissue!
20.  Stop getting stuff out of the bathroom cabinet.
21.  Leave that alone...
22.  Try it, you'll like it!
23.  That doesn't go in the garbage!
24.  Time for bed, sleepyhead. 
25.  I love you.

What do you find yourself saying daily??