Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Resolutions 2016

I am the world's worst resolution maker -- so much so that I have refused to even make any the last few years.  Sad, I know. But I am making a resolution this make a resolution list...and to do my best to keep those resolutions. After all...what better time to start than a fresh year (especially for someone with at least a hint of OCD remaining after three children)?!

So, what do I want written in my "book" for 2016?  Here are a few of my resolutions (old and new), that I am bringing out for 2016...

--More creating (or should I say, "Pinteresting")
--Be in the picture (literally)...stop hiding behind the camera
--Take breaks 
--More reading (just for fun!)
--Consistent exercise
--More laughter
--Deeper relationship with God
--Less stressing
--Cherish the small moments 
--Less clutter
--Smile more
--Watch the sunrise/sunset 
--More spontaneity 
--Less junk food 
--New travels
--Learn to crochet
--Go on picnics
--Photography for fun
--More dates
--Finish what I start 
--Take long walks
--Choose joy