Tuesday, March 1, 2016

5 Things I Do When Life Gets Stressful

Ever have those days when you feel nothing but stress and anxiety?  Perhaps you are stretched a little {or a lot} too thin...maybe you have had less sleep than required by your body...or perhaps you're a little more emotional at the moment, which makes life at least appear more complicated than it may be. Whatever the reason, I would venture to guess we all have stressful days on occasion.

Here are my top 5 stress-relieving techniques:

1) The absolute first thing I run for when I am starting to feel stressed is my Young Living Stress Away oil. I apply it to my wrists & neck...I inhale it straight from the bottle...and, when possible, I mix Epsom salt with baking soda and several drops of Stress Away into a nice relaxing bath!  

2) After applying my Stress Away oil, I do my best to find a quiet place to read my Bible and pray -- at least for a few minutes.  Though, when I am stressed due to busyness, it is hard to make time for this in my "rationalizing", God always proves me wrong by giving my heart rest like nothing else can. 

3) This step may seem tedious or overly simplified, but it should never be underestimated...I take my {overwhelming} calendar/to-do-list, and I start a new list with only my 3 highest ranking tasks. For me, even though I know there are more than 3 tasks to be done, it takes away the overwhelming part and breaks the impossible list of tasks into totally doable sections. 

4) Take some time away for yourself. Obviously this one can't happen every single day, but it is important. Find a sitter or ask your husband what evening would be best for you to go out for a bit alone. Especially for stay-at-home moms, it is important to take time weekly to recharge. It took me years to realize that I didn't need this because I was selfish, or because I didn't love my kids, or even because I was a bad mom. I needed this because motherhood easily drains you emotionally, physically, and spiritually o a regular basis. Taking a couple of hours away helps you to chill, refocus, and enjoy a bathroom break or shopping trip without being interrupted with all of those "mommy-emergency" moments the kids so easily create.  Even a silent car ride to the gas station does wonders for a stressed and tired momma!  Never underestimate the stress-reducing power of you time. 

5) And finally last, but certainly not least on my list, find a relaxing activity that you can do with your husband after the kids are in bed each night -- for me, that's grabbing a snack, turn on a Netflix episode of a TV series we are watching, and snuggle on the couch for 30-45 minutes. It doesn't require much thinking, talking, or working.  It just helps me to forget (until tomorrow) the list of "unfinished" tasks, gives us a little us time without the kids, and just lets us chill before bed (which also helps my sleep to be more restful, in turn making me more productive the next day).  A little Young Living Tranquil oil never hurts, either. It's a personal favorite for the bedtime hours. 

So...this is by no means an exhaustive list, but it has helped me time and time again. 

What are your best stress-relieving techniques??