Sunday, March 27, 2016

Bible Journaling for the Not-So-Artsy | Beautiful Word Bible Review

I was walking around in Lifeway Christian Stores over the weekend, and my eye caught sight of this beautiful, leather-bound Bible. Before I go further, I admit it...I have been looking for a new Bible to LOVE (not just use, but pour myself into...make notes in...LOVE). Yes, I know the look/style of the book itself isn't what's important, but you must admit that when you have a favorite Bible, it means even more to you and your quiet time in it. Well, at first glance, I immediately thought....I can see that this could be "my Bible".

Immediately I thought..."I bet it isn't KJV"...because none of the cute ones are.  But it DID!!  So I started to look at more details inside and quickly decided that this was the Bible for me!  

This Bible is not only beautiful on the outside, but it comes with wide margins for note-taking (which I adore) print in the New Testament (which is a must have for me)...but the icing to the cake was that it had beautiful illustrations of verses throughout the Bible!  You know all of those awesome Pinterest Bible journaling posts you have seen?!  Well, this is that, perfected!  

Yes, I know you artsy people out there are already saying -- well, that takes the fun and personalized part away. Well, maybe so, but for me -- a very non-artsy perfectionist -- it's a blessing!!  I can enjoy the artistic reminders of highlighted verses throughout my Bible without the fear (or reality) of a failed Pinterest journaling idea, while still having the space to add in my own personal thoughts and notes. It's a win-win for me!!

And, the sprinkles on top of my already perfect cake...I was able to purchase it for $20 off the Lifeway price through, and got shipped 2-day free (ordered Friday afternoon and it was on my doorstep Sunday after we got home from the lot of service!)

The ONLY thing I could find as a negative is that, I wish they gave an option for an indexed version. Yes, I know where my books of the Bible are...but it is so much faster to flip with indexed pages!!  

Needless to say, I now have MY to-be favorite, well-loved and well-used Bible. And I can't wait to break it in. This is truly the perfect Journaling/Note-Taker Bible for the Not-So-Artsy (or perfectionist...or too-busy-to-DIY) person!  

If you are interested, you can find this Bible on Amazon HERE:

The above comments are my own opinion after purchasing this for myself. I was not asked or encouraged to write a positive review.