Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Before you were Mommy...

It isn't often that I write a second post in reference to a recently-reviewed book. Today, I must.

I was re-reading in my "Hope Unfolding" by Becky Thompson book, when I read something that I had forgotten...something I needed right know...something I think many other  moms need to hear right now. She put to words what my heart has felt so often. 

So, one final, but oh so important excerpt for you:

Ladies, there will come a day when your husband walks in the door and you do not turn around. You will be preoccupied with filling up soppy cups and wiping booties. You will shout over the running bath water, "Hey! Glad you're home." But it won't be full of eager anticipation to spend time together. It will be full of expectation that he will aid in meeting the demands of the family. "Glad you're home" will more properly translate as "Thank God for two extra hands to help me," and "Praise the Lord I might get five minutes alone now."

Ladies, there will come a day when you spend every last ounce of yourselves in your children. The demands of life and the babies will come before everything else. What little of yourself you had left at the end of the day will be used to crawl into bed before someone wakes up...and needs you again. The thought of doing anything else after the children are asleep will sound impossible, and your handsome husband's happy smile had better mean he is willing to get up with the baby and nothing more. 

The husband that once completed your heart will be just one more person who needs you. The charming things that you fell for will go unnoticed. The daily grind will become expected. 

Men, there wi come a time when that beautiful bride sitting next to you hasn't showered in days. She will be at her wit's end, wearing other people's food and poop on her clothing. She will need to hear that she is beautiful, but she won't listen to you. She will need to know that she is still lovable, but she won't want you near her. When you arrive home after meeting the demands of work, you will be expected to meet the demands of your family. Your wife will hear none of the exhaustion, and you will see none of hers. 

Men, you will call home to ask a quick question and anticipate a two-minute conversation. Half of it will be spent listening to your wife talk to your kids. As a matter of fact, you will make it no more than a few sentences in to any conversation ever before your wife blurts out directions to your children: "Don't climb that!" or "Don't sit on your sister!"  You will become accustomed to these outbursts, but you will forget that there was ever a time when you had her full attention. 

But, ladies, wen Mommy becomes your name, remember this man. Remember that yu are his wife. Remember how much you love and appreciate him in this moment. Remember his dedication to your family. Remember his love and devotion to you. And then, when the days are long and you need a break, fall into his arms. 

Me , remember your bride. The care and love that she has given you will soon be poured into your children. Her love for you will not change.  Give her the grace to be enough even when she doesn't feel like it. Remember when your days are long, hers are too. Remember her. Fall in love with her again. 

Remember each other. Remember the two that made the family. Let the Lord lead you both together. Because when the days are endless and the hours short, it will be only His love that keeps you together. It will only be His mercy that gently guides your hearts as one. Hold tightly to one another, and even more tightly to the Lord. There is no greater adventure for you to experience and no greater gift than to walk through parenthood with the best friend. You are a team. Every single day. 

W.O.W.  How I needed this so badly right now. THIS. This is where I have found myself the last several months especially. I am so thankful to know that I am not alone in this...others feel like this, too, and even more thankful for the reminder and challenge to keep my focus on Christ through these trying moments of life. If my previous post didn't convince you, maybe this will--if you are a mom, you NEED this book!!