Sunday, May 8, 2016

More | Book Review

When I saw this book and the author's name, I knew immediately that I had to get it for my husband.  You see, when I see the name Todd Wilson, I immediately think "The Familyman"!!  My husband stumbled upon him years ago, and we have both enjoyed his writings both in book and blog form.  So, I agreed to review this book -- but, I handed it off first to my husband for review, as I knew it would be something he'd be excited to read!  So, the following is his review.  I'll be taking my turn to read it soon :-)  But, on a side note...this is NOT "The Familyman" Todd Wilson...the book is still a great read, as you'll hear my husband say...but it isn't the person I thought it was :-P

Guest Review Post from Mark:

If you're looking for more to life, Todd Wilson's book More is a great resource that is packed full of examples and tools to help you discover your personal calling in life.  The book starts out where many of us have been, making the statement "There has to be more".   Todd does a great job drawing you by making you feel like you are the one he is writing about as he describes the possible thought process of the first disciples before they met Jesus.  More is divided up into 2 main sections.  It begins with the background and philosophy of what a personal calling is and after helping you understand this part who moves into the application phase.  Topics in the first section include concepts like "Trusting the Author of your story", "Stepping forward in faith", "Redefining success" and wraps up with "Discovering your unique calling".  So many times we see other people living out their calling and wish we could be like them.   Todd's framework he outlines that he refers to as Be-Do-Go helps you make a plan to get to your unique calling.

I have enjoyed reading this book and have found myself looking back through various parts of it to try and help the concept stick in my mind.  The biggest part of  finding the "sweet spot" in life as Todd refers to it is to put aside the fear of what if and trust the Author of your story and being willing to go all in and letting God take care of the details.  Don't second guess, just Be who He is calling you to be, Do what He's calling you to do and Go when He says go!

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