Sunday, May 8, 2016

To My Mom...On Mother's Day


You have officially been a mother for almost 34 years now (more if you count those months you carried me in your womb before anyone else could even know my name!).  Your first child to call you "Momma" is now grown with three kids to call her "Momma".  Your second child also has three beautiful children...and your last child is officially an "adult".  I'd say, you've finally made it to the point that you can look back over those last 34 years...

to those moments you wondered why God trusted you enough to have a child (or 3!)...

You taught me HOW to be a good mommy!

to those days you were sure you had to be the definition of the world's worst mom...

You taught how to have even the hardest of conversations with someone you loved. haha

to those long nights filled with tear-stained cheeks shed on behalf of your kids...

It taught me never to give up when learning to ride my bike (or anything else!)

and you can finally see that by God's grace and lots of prayers, YOU made it through motherhood!  

And who else would have taught me how to wear my make-up like a model??!!

But now, as your daughter, I want to tell you a few things that you would never tell yourself...

Mom...I've been a mom myself now for almost 10 years {crazy, huh?!}  And, though I have always loved you as my mom, these last 10 years have been eye-opening to me about just what a mom you are and have always been. 

You were, from day one, the one I depended on for everything...seriously...everything.  From those first days of my first my first time on my own {and everything in between}.  

You have been there when I was mad at you...when I couldn't have been happier...when I succeeded...when I failed...when I cried with you over my first and following heartbreaks...when I found best friends and forever friends and love.  

You never asked for've never stopped being mom just because you didn't feel loved me even when I disappointed were there for me even when I didn't think I needed you.'re the reason I am who I am.  You're the one person that I trust everything with.  You are my role model.  You are my best friend!  You may think you made mistakes over the last 34 years.  And, I'm sure you did.  But you also made ME.  And, though I'm far from perfect, I am living proof that you did something right.  

Those young motherhood years, I'm sure were hard...I'm living them with my young kids now.  But seeing how life and years have brought us to be best friends, gives me hope that one day I can have that with my kids...even if they cringe at that thought right now.  

Thank you for not giving up.  Thank you for not quitting on me.  Thank you for sacraficing everything for  us...from privacy in the shower {haha} to hard-earned paychecks you'd spend on us (and oh, so much more!).  Thank you for teaching us responsibility...even when it was hard.  Thank you for being MY MOM.  

I know from experience just how often impossible...the job of motherhood is.  But I also know how great the reward is now (and by watching you and that reward grows even after your "mothering" childhood years are passed.) I know how it's frequently thankless...challenging...and even disheartening. But Mom, please know, you aren't unnoticed...under-appreciated. You are the BEST mom in the world! YOU ARE IMPORTANT BEYOND YOUR WILDEST IMAGINATION TO ME! 

I just wanted you to know that.  For Mother's Day.  For every day.  I love you, I respect and admire you, and I am thankful for you!  

Love Always,
Your Oldest Daughter 

PS...Apparently moms are too busy being moms to get in pictures with their daughters...we have to change that. Like starting NOW. :-D