Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The More of Less | Book Review

Around this time last year, our Life Group went through the book "Simplify" -- encouraging you to simplify life and be able to focus more on what God could and wanted to do through you when you weren't so overwhelmed with life and all of it's unsimplified messiness.  It was a great study, but each time I tried to simplify, I seemed to find myself failing...mostly because I didn't really know how to simplify...how to declutter my house, my heart, my life.  

Then I found this book.  I was pretty skeptical of it at first, assuming it would be like many others I had read...giving you all of the many reasons why you want to minimalize the things you own, etc.  And, though the reasons are important, reasons aren't enough.  For me, I needed easy application!  Examples!!  Though this book (about the first half) did go through the reasons that you want to simplify/minimize the things you own, and switch to a minimalist view on stuff, it also gave me what I had been needing...a plan to get it done!  

The book itself is simple...no fancy pictures, etc., but it gets the job done.  I was ready to start, step by step, implementing minimalism in my own life even before totally finishing the book.  I'm sure there are many other ideas on how-to start a minimalist lifestyle in today's "need it all" world, but I haven't found them.  This book was a great read and encouragement as I had been wanting and trying to begin decluttering my own house, heart, and life.  I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to consider a more minimalistic approach.

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