Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Interpreter Needed | Life with a 2-Year-Old

So, over the past couple of months, I've noticed Addison's 2-year-old vocabulary has sky-rocketed!  And I've noticed, at least to a small degree, that I'm not always the best at understanding.  But until this last week, I never considered that what I really needed was an interpreter...now, I'm certain of it...

We've had our share of "misunderstandings"... PrissyPop is really Princess Cup...Moomoooo isn't a cow but a Movie...JuuuBockes is OBVIOUSLY Juice Boxes...

But each time we have ran across a word that I am just not understanding, either Katie or Austin will come to her rescue and figure it out, or I'll eventually get a "light-bulb" moment and figure it out, never to forget it again.

But this week...this week...was different.  On at least 3 separate occasions, Addison told me she has seen a mouse {or, at least that's what I thought she'd seen}...and each time, the subject moved on to something else quickly, and no questions arose.  But not this time.

So here we were, waiting patiently to turn left out of the school after morning drop off...and when I say waiting, it was one of those days where you felt like you had waited forever because of all of the traffic in either direction.  But, I digress... from the backseat, this is what I hear:

Mom.  Oooooo.  Mowwshhh.

Mmm.Hmmmm.  That's great, Sweetie! {Don't tell me you don't do this sometimes!}

Mom!  Mowwwssshhhhhhhh!!

Okay, baby.  I hear you.  Mouth?  Your mouth hurts??  {In my defense, she does have 2 molars breaking through...and I had definitely seen no mouse!}

No, Mom!  A Mowwwwwshhhh!!  

{She's very frustrated with me at this point, and I'm no closer to figuring out what she's saying than when she started...}  House??  You see that house?!  {Yeah, totally crasping at straws now....}


And there it was...sitting as still as a statue...


And, if that wasn't enough...we took a short trip to the local wildlife refuge last weekend.  The first thing she sees in the museum is a fox squirrel, where she immediately yells...

Mom!  WOOKKK!  A FOX!!!

Yeah...pretty certain now I need an interpreter...and maybe a few books to teach her a few animals... {grins}  2-year-olds are trying at times, but I wouldn't take this fun stage for anything!!  I'm afraid that much too soon, we'll no longer be looking for those PrissyPops, mowwwsshhh, mooomooooo's, and juuubockes, and what fun would that be?!